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"A deposition is the out-of-court oral testimony of a witness for later use in court or for discovery. Some states refer to the deposition as an "examination before trial" (EBT), though depositions may actually be taken during a trial."

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About Videotaped Depositions

Sworn Deposition Testimony may be used in court, and the Court Reporter transcribes the testimony into a written record. Depositions often take hours, days or even longer, and that transcript can be quite lengthy. But there is also another downside...

A written transcript may consist of Volumes of Testimony...
But that Testimony Cannot Convey the Demeanor of the Deponent!

A videotaped deposition communicates demeanor, facial expressions and vocal inflections clearly to a jury, eliminating the confusion a written transcription alone may cause.

Huntridge Video Deposition Services

We use professional equipment and perform our duties at or above the strictest standards established by the Federal Rules for Civil Procedure (Rule 30); State Court if applicable; and the National Court Reporters Association.

Huntridge deposition videographers are Certified Legal Video Specialists. We work with the Court Reportes to assure a reliable and accurate record.

Mat Hunt helped to draft South Carolina's legal deposition procedures. (Most of which were "rubberstamped" into many subsequent state & the prevailing Federal rules mentioned above).

Don Cely is a board member of the national NCRA/CLVS council.

Fulfillment Options

Huntridge videographers use high-quality digital formats to record depositions, even HiDef if requested. Delivery of the final product can be made in any format. Most clients order a DVD that is playable fullscreen on a computer or conventional "set-top" player.  

A valuable option is the SYNC, in which the video deposition and transcript are combined to provide a convenient, searchable record.  Sync DVDs can be used with popular trial presentation software such as SanctionTrialDirector and even PowerPoint.  We produce our Syncs in-house for the best quality and reliability.

How to Schedule a Video Deposition

To Schedule a Video Deposition, call Don Cely at 864/901-0807, then email your Notice to us at  Once we receive your Notice, we will confirm in writing via phone or email.
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