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Don Cely's collaboration with Mat Hunt began back in 1975 when both were working at Greenville, SC's NBC affiliate WFBC-TV (now WYFF). While working as Associate Director of Photography in Creative Services, Don filmed and videotaped more than 500 TV commercials, documentaries and news specials - including a number of "On the Road" type stories with Mat.

Don spent the early 80's doing independent productions, mostly marketing and training films, but also worked on a few motion pictures. He was brought back to TV-4 in 1985 to help the station create a local version of the popular syndicated show, PM Magazine. After just over two years of world travel and outstanding ratings, Don left for Atlanta to expand his experience in Motion Pictures and Television production.

Over the next 25 years, Don worked on a number of Hollywood films, TV shows, commercials and corporate communication productions. He's supervised lighting and been the Director of Photography for at least 3 US Presidents, Fortune 500 companies, The Olympic Games and even a Superbowl commercial.

Don purchased his high tech own camera and editing system. He continued to work with Mat Hunt as Huntridge began to concentrate on Legal Video Production. Don's production company also began to focus on Settlement Videos, working in states up and down the Eastern seaboard. With many resounding successes, one video even reaped the largest Medical Malpractice judgement in the state of Florida.

In 2010, Don returned to Greenville to join forces with Mat and form the most experienced and capable Legal Video production company in the business. With their combined 60 years of experience, cameras, lighting and other camera equipment, Don and Mat offer the widest range of professional video litigation support services anywhere.

With numerous awards, commendations and some pretty impressive credits behind him, Don's powerful presentations have even been purchased by defendants for incorporation in loss prevention programs. Peer recognition came when Don was appointed to the governing body of NCRA/CLVS Council. As such he is in demand as a lecturer and authority on the legal and production aspects of advanced video production. Don is also a member of the CLVS Item Writing Committee developing testing procedures for future CLVS videographers.

Don is a Certified Legal Video Specialist, is Red Cross Certified in First Aid, AED and CPR and is also a Notary Public.

To contact Don directly, just send an email to don@huntridge.com.

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