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About Huntridge Legal Video Services

Huntridge first hung its shingle in the early 80's, when Mat Hunt visualized practical expansion of electronic media techniques pioneered in the News Department of WFBC (now WYFF) TV.  That Powerhouse NBC Affiliate in the nation's 35th (out of 200+) market was the first in the state to transition from film to video tape, and was among the few local stations to cover the 1976 political conventions without having to process film.

So when Huntridge started up, it was quite natural to be among the first non-broadcast companies in the region to produce commercials, training programs, and other audio visuals on video tape.  As other opportunities evolved, it didn't take long to transition into very specialized services for the Legal Profession.

Video depositions, inspections, preservation of scientific testing, and "day-in-the-life" presentations quickly became the firm's primary focus.  Then, after putting this all together, Settlement Videos quickly became our specialty, and many large cases were resolved with these presentations dominating mediations.

We started out "doing the little things well" on-time, accurately and always procedurally admissible.  That has led to some big cases along the way, and a wealth of experience making things work.

Now producing Settlement Videos in High Definition with Don Cely making the images right, our decades of experience help us hit the target better than ever... all in an "in-house" environment that protects confidentiality.

Don't just take our word for it..... check out our RESULTS.

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